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Mr. Voss, Supt.


    Old school values with new school attitude!

    Centerville Public School is a place where every child has an opportunity to develop his/her maximum potential. We are a small, family-oriented school where teachers care about their students and know each one personally. We encourage parents to take a major, active part of their child's education. Parents are invited to walk into the school at any time and we encourage parents to volunteer their time at school.

    We believe in the value of small schools and what they have to offer. Our graduates are taught the skills and work ethic to be successful beyond graduation. We receive students from many other South Dakota communities as well as from other states. The parents of these students consistently compliment our staff on the caring attitudes we have here at Centerville. They also appreciate the consistent and fair standards of behavior that are expected and maintained.

    If you want your child to be in a safe and caring environment, please visit our school.

    Doug Voss, Superintendent








Before & After School Program

 Students in K-6th grade are eligible to participate in the Before and After School Program. This  program is available at only $1.00 (one dollar) per family per day. The Before School hours begin at 7:30 AM and the After School Program hours are 3:15 PM to 6:00PM. Students are supervised during this time and are allowed their choice of many activities. There are separate activity rooms for students in K-2 and 3-6.  Students in the program are furnished with an after school snack. This program is available if school starts late or lets out early because of inclement weather and is also open during Parent Teacher Conferences. The program is a valuable addition to the Centerville Community and is one of only a few programs in the state that do not charge a fee for this service .

Breakfast Program

Centerville School offers a Breakfast Program to all school age children, beginning at 7:30 AM each morning. Most items on the menu are at no charge and a sample menu includes toast with peanut butter or jelly, milk, cereal, oatmeal, fruit, Poptarts, granola and fruit bars. We encourage all students to take advantage of starting the school day with a nourishing breakfast.

Tutor Program available to all students

A free tutorial service is offered to all students at Centerville School. High school student tutors are available from 7:30 to 8:15 AM each school morning and from 3:30 to 4:30 PM each day. Tutors are available to students at all grade levels and all subjects.

Some Good Facts

 11-1 Student/Teacher Ratio

*ACT and SAT test results are consistently higher than the  state average

 *9 credit hours of college credit available from local colleges

 *50 High School class offerings available

*Current teaching materials are used for instruction

*2-1 Student/ Computer Ratio

*Student Aide Program

Long Distance Learning Classes Offered

Centerville School is a member of the Southeast Interactive Long Distance Learning Cooperative which enables students in Centerville to take classes from other schools or from local universities. Centerville School has one Long Distance Learning system which allows only the schools in the Cooperative to offer classes to each other and it also has the DDN network which allows students to take classes from any other school in South Dakota. Students attending Centerville are able to take Dual Credit classes which gives them college credit as well as high school credit. Classes that are offered are:

English 101 from University of South Dakota

English 201 from University of South Dakota

College Algebra from Mt. Marty

The cost of these classes is less than on campus classes and the credits are transferable to any other college or university. Students graduating from Centerville School can have 9 college credits completed before they enter any other college.


Safe Learning Environment

Inclusive extra-curriculars (if you join you participate )

Strong Phonics Program

New School/Community Library

Excellent Special Needs Program

Reading Incentive Program

New Music & Athletic Facilities

Comments by Parents:

* The students are treated with respect and it is expected of them to be respectful.

* Administration and school board are very approachable.

 * Support of parents with students that require special needs is way above average.

* School puts the kids first.

* We have some great teachers who can really reach the children and make them excited about learning.

Comments by Graduating Seniors

* Friendly teachers

* Students can be involved in many activities.

* Staff gives personal extra time to students.

* Students feel comfortable enough to talk to teachers about issues that concern them.



    "My husband and I were worried that our children would not adjust to a much smaller school and would really miss the schools in Fort Collins, Colorado. But, we worried for nothing. The smaller class sizes at Centerville School have given our children more one-on-one time with their teachers. We also feel that with less students in the classroom, our children won't be just a number. I know that I can call the teacher and talk about my child if there is a problem. Our kids love Centerville School and if given the chance would not move back to their old schools."

            Parent Christen Cunningham who moved to Centerville, from Fort Collins, Colorado

    "My wife, I, and our three children all graduated from CHS and felt adequately prepared for our choices in life. We still feel the school does a great job educating their students and is one of Centerville's greatest assets."

             Stan Schmiedt, Alumnus/Pharmacist


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