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Classes and lessons for the week of May 4

                  (an interesting place with lots of topics)



Click on the classes to see sites that will help them learn more.



VoWac/Spelling (mixes your spelling words and you move them correctly)


Math Standards- click here.  Venn Diagrams spinners

Reading Our first book of stories to read- Grade 1 Unit 6 -  


Reading Standards- click here.

Vocabulary words-click here. (Just use the drop box to find the story.)

Unit 1-

Unit 2-

Unit 3

Unit 4-

Unit 5-

Unit 6-

Social Studies Social Studies Standards- click here. (crossword)

Reviews of units, quizzes - (this is good)



Science Standards- click here. dinosaur song video 



Language Language Arts Standards- click here.


Links to Good Sites

Spelling - (print out spelling lessons) (long oo games)

spelling 112 le words (crossword puzzle) (long oo games)

157 Vowel Teams

142 Open and Closed (print and write answers)  142 Open and Closed (answers) (long and open words)

142 Open and Closed (play crossword on the computer for Nov. 3 test)

140 Crossword Puzzle  (play crossword on the computer with this week's spelling words)

140 Review (print this out and write answers in)    140 Review (answer sheet) (make a word search)  (look and spell game-3rd grade words) (word scrambler) (spell words fast on timer)  (look and spell game- harder words) (choose a grade level and spell words) (type in the correctly spelled words) (find the misspelled words) (game to spell with others online) (read and listen to words, then type the missing letters) (read and listen to words, then type the missing letters) (a fast loading game like Wheel of Fortune) (a slower loading game of fun game -spell words from letters using chicken eggs) (a slower loading spelling game) (spell a word and check it) (find the misspelled word) (Make your own word puzzles.)


How to be a better speller- (how to help your child before tests)

To Top

Math-  (set "up to 10", "add", and timer to 2 minutes) (all around good math place)

end of year- (adding game) (different games)

Coordinates on a Grid- (you type in numbers)



Reviewing first grade skills- (using a number line) (simple adding and subtracting games) 


Adding to 18- (timed facts) (adding game) (facts timed game) (play against others online) (choose your own practice) (a timed math facts game) (a cool flashcard game for basic facts)  (a flashcard for facts place) (timed addition facts game) (addition game of adding using a number grid) (timed quizzes) 

Subtracting- (timed facts) (picture finding game)  (a timed game) (timed subtraction facts game) 

Working with missing addends-  

Grouping tens- (place value video)

Tens and ones to 50-

Patterns- (video)


Skip counting- (aim and shoot ghosts with numbers) (clcik boxes with numbers in them)

Greater and less- (worksheets) (greater and less than gumball game)

Number order- (matching game with numbers and words)


Time- (dog helps you tell time)   (time worksheets)

Regrouping in addition-  (using ones, tens, hundreds, and thousands)

Regrouping in subtraction- (practice worksheets) (rhymes to help know when to regroup) (uses ten sticks and ones) (good idea) (regrouping in subtraction)

Which operation? 

Bar graphs- (pictograph maker) (graph maker) (Venn diagram maker) (making bar graphs)

What will most likely happen?

What will least likely happen? (patterns)

Tangrams - (video)

Shapes- (move and color sides of solid shapes)

Angles- (degrees in a circle) (angles) (angles game) (angles game) (shape patterns) (tangrams) (triangles) (grouping) (tangrams)  

(make your own pictures using shapes)

Flat shapes-  (match quadrilaterals) (a challenge!) (shapes) (fun building game) (a tangram activity) (game of tic-tac-toe)

Symmetrical shapes- (video) (slides, flips, turns) (type your name in and watch it move) (a coloring game) (use angles to get turtle home) (give directions for ladybug)

Solid Shapes- (game) (shows and tells about shapes) (compares flat to solid shapes) (shapes)  (a factory that has you choose flat shapes to make solid shapes)

Play with fractions- (adding fractions racing game) (asks to make fractions of a whole) (shows how fractions and pictures match) (gives pictures and you type in fraction) (fraction match) (explains fractions)  (fraction game)  (reviewing and practice)  (practice of parts of a whole using pictures)  (a timed musical equal fractions game) (shows how to write and draw fractions) (fraction match puzzle) (helps learn numerator and denominator) (fraction help) (make a pizza using fractions) (shows a picture and you write fractions)

Measuring- (length video)

    Inches- (centimeters and inches) (timed game to measure inches and fractions) (measures inches and fractions) (inches and feet)


    Weight- (video)

Rounding and Estimating - (rounding)

    Liquids - (video) (click on Liquid Measurement Game with spacedog)

Bigger numbers- (using ones, tens, hundreds, thousands) (adding hundreds) (adding hundreds with renaming) (subtracting hundreds without regrouping) (subtracting hundreds with renaming)

Other math sites- (site with great activities online)  (math words game) (math words) (activities for all math areas) (25 math games) (all sorts of lessons) (tests on another book) (brain teasers) (help to be a better test taker) (has many topics that help you-no games) (tricky problem)   (Games with maps and more) (download a flashcard program-it is good!) (many skills and of many subjects)

To Top


Reading Helpers -  (word builders) (stories to read and it reads for you)

Reading-  Make reading part of your daily ritual.
  · Read everything in sight, including signs, cereal boxes, and menus!
  · Surround your child with books and read to him/her again and again!
  · Read out loud with feeling and fun!
  · Point to the words as you read and pause so your child can give you the next word.
  · Ask your child what's going on in the picture or a certain part of the story.
  · Let your child see you read!
  · Praise what your child can do, whether it's turning the pages, describing
the pictures, or memorizing a favorite story or book.
  · Let your child read to you when he/she is ready.
  · Once your child can read on his/her own, don't stop reading aloud.

Unit activities-

Grade 1 level 6-Bluebirds in the Garden- (vocabulary) (optical illusions)

Book Lists - 

Story sites- (audio stories) (many summer reading activities),1156,22-20654,00.html (many reading activities)  (for slower readers) (Clifford stories) (listen to stories, play games) (poems) (oodles of sites for stories) (oodles of stories) (stories to read and hear, games) (movies and stories and poems that can read to  you) (Short Sesame

street stories)    (Tortoise and the Hare talking book)  (This is our reading series with online activities which are fun.) (shows links to favorite literature, films, videos, recordings, websites, and computer software for for kids) (lists of award books like Caldecott, Newberry, and more) (shows pictures and you choose the correct word) (Hans Christian Andersen stories) (Danny Kaye sings as you read his song) (140 stories of Hans Christian Andersen) (stories and poems) (good illustrators and poems, stories) (stories to read online) (beginning reading helps) (very good - short stories for easy reading - longer for more experienced readers - longest for teens and adults)  (simple and fun reading stories with pictures)  (simple stories with pictures or without pictures)  (simple stories with pictures)  (Hans Christian Anderson stories - for advanced readers)  (good simple stories and some for advanced readers)   (simple with pictures)  (for advanced readers)  (Disney stories)   (short and long stories)  (a huge collection of short and long stories)   (a fun short story place where you add names to characters and places. Sound included).   (for advanced readers)  (a very fun short story place with animations and sounds for pictures)  (2 simple stories -about bears - like a storybook)  (simple stories)  (some stories are short - some for advanced readers)  (simple stories with pictures)     (Christian stories)  (Christian simple story about caterpillar to butterfly)


SECOND GRADE READING STANDARDS                      To Top

THE STUDENT WILL:                                           

  1. use knowledge of consonants, consonant blends, and common vowel patterns to decode unfamiliar words.
  2. recognize common contractions, compound words, and abbreviations. (example: can’t, baseball, Jan.)
  3. interpret information in text to confirm or reject initial predictions.
  4. use context clues and prior knowledge to understand unfamiliar texts. (example: pictures, diagrams)
  5. recognize specific strategies are needed to read different types of printed materials. (example: math story problems, poetry, science book)
  6. use knowledge of sentence structure and punctuation when reading.
  7. identify rhythm, rhyme, and alliteration in poetry and prose.
  8. compare plots, settings and characters presented by different authors in various texts.
  9. identify simple figurative language in text. (example: similes, idioms)
  10. explain major elements in text to form an understanding of stories and other materials. (example: theme, main idea, problem/solution)
  11. describe cause and effect relationships in various text. (example: why, what if, how, when)
  12. describe the role and contribution of authors and illustrators to print materials.
  13. describe the characteristics of worthy literary and narrative works. (example: Caldecott books, chapter books)
  14. compare/contrast different versions of the same story from various cultures.
  15. compare/contrast stories and poems by different authors.
  16. identify resources which provide factual information.
  17. comprehend main idea and supporting details in simple expository information.
  18. describe the structure of various reference materials. (example: dictionary, thesaurus, atlas, CD-ROM)
  19. locate and paraphrase information within text to answer questions.

To Top

Social Studies-  

new words (click on history to view a PowerPoint on unit 1 vocabulary words and pictures)

landforms-  landforms landforms


state match game timed-

Continents -


The best site -









Transportation- (activity pages)

Natural resources-

Houses- (houses very detailed inside) (houses around the world)


Sorting into groups-

Government- (national anthems), Native Americans (matching flag game)  (Martin Luther King, Jr.) (Bill of Rights game) (Bill of kids' rights) (international bill of kids' rights)  (take the Oval Office Video Tour) 

Our Past- (shows water currents) (name meanings)

Native Americans-    or     (Flags) (homes) (clothes) (everything) (good source) (Native American flags) (information on tribes) (photos) (map, good info.) (clothing of tribes) (tribe footwear) (famous Native Americans) (homes) (stories) (bedtime stories)

Pioneers- (pioneers) (pioneers)



Egypt- (clip art) (info) (gods) (intro to mummies) (mummies) (hieroglyphics chart) (cartouche maker) (A good site for China and Egypt) (calculator) (geography) (lots of stuff) (calculator) (calculator) (write your name in hieroglyphics) (write your name in hieroglyphics)  (number calculator) (good all around site) (buildings) (hieroglyphics translator) (make a certificate or postcard to print) (hieroglyphics translator) (hieroglyphics translator) (hieroglyphic translator)  (another good hieroglyphics maker) (type in numbers and it makes Egyptian numbers)  (the site that will be the main teaching tool) (gods and goddesses)  (speaks to you in Egyptian) (chart shows pictures for letters) (a board game to play with a friend) (a site about many ancient Egypt topics with music playing) (Egyptian music) (time traveler story told out loud)

China- (good one) (inventions) (clip part) (A good site for China and Egypt)  (PowerPoints and sites for kids on bottom of page) (map puzzle) (calendar) (calendar)  (inventions) (laws, religion) (count on your fingers) (daily life in ancient China)  (Chinese zodiac calendar) (write numbers 1-12 in Chinese) (ABC's of China) (quizzes on China history) ( a good site) (china information) (Chinese money today) (match game with inventions) (type your name and get it in Chinese) (geography of China)

Other social studies sites-  (move world to see continents) (U.S. states info.) (U.S map games) (letters from historical people) (fun with maps) (social studies world info.)

(a fun and good Thanksgiving site) 

(a great place about the states and facts)

(a fun way to build a neighborhood)

(how things are made in factories)

teachres/webactivity/findwa.php3 (This is our textbook publisher's site with activities.) (all about food)

To Top

Science- (a variety of science activities) (a good variety of activities of different age levels) (vocabulary games)


Plant sites- ( a great place for learning about plants) (game on growing plants) (how plants grow)  (what tree is it?) (corn show) (learn about trees slideshow) (talking tree slide show) Click Connect the Pipes game) (quiz on water) (click on "Just for Kids") (story told out loud about trees)

Insects- (talking slide show)

Julie Andrews' song- “These Are a Few of My Favorite Things” (cicadas) (butterflies)  (butterflies and cocoons activities) (guess that insect) (ant finding food) (spider bit girl) (many games on pests) (coloring pages)



Animal sites- (life cycle of frogs) (food chains) (food chain game, click on Food Chomp) (game) (food chain game) (all animal groups) (all kinds of animals and facts)  (a great animal site) (a timed animal word find game) (a fun adventure with the Crocodile Hunter) (fish puzzle) (sea games-fun) ( Click game to see how a worm that tells how he makes soil) (bird songs) (classifying critters)  (sounds of animals) (sea animals) (animals) (talking sea animals) (dissecting a frog)  

(click on Fish Food or Tree Frog for fun eating)

Human body sites- (food pyramid game) (great food information place) (songs and animation) (put food into groups) (games on body) (short animation of muscles and skeleton) (heart and respiratory system) (put body systems on a body) (label bones online) (movies on body systems) digestion (Food riddles) (timed food pyramid game)   (food pyramid activity) (food pyramid game) (put a skeleton together) (bone puzzle) (put a food pyramid puzzle together) (make a pizza) (human body bones word match) (food group game) (dental health game) (dental health) (fun food and nutrient games) (a cool place about good food) 

Plant and animal habitats- (games) (game) (game) (habitats of the earth) 

Resources of earth- (Brainpop movie on fuels) (earth divides into spheres) (earth is zoomed in from outer space) (shows rocks being formed) (shows sand and rock being deposited) (shows metamorphic rocks forming) (shows how caves are made)

Dinosaurs and fossils- (dino game-catch eggs) (dino games) (dino bones game)  (how fossils are made) (build dinosaurs and answer questions) (dinosaurs) (dinosaurs) (shows how earth may have looked very early) (how fossils are made) (asteroid hits the earth)

The solar system-  (NASA activities) (seasons of the year) (game) (find your age on another planet) (constellations) (constellation stories) (stories of constellations) (best place for planet facts) (planet facts) (planet facts) (all about planets)  (space questions and answers) (find your age on another planet) (good NASA movie on seasons) (Brainpop movie on earth's tilt and rotation) (Brainpop movie on Saturn) (Brainpop movie on solar and lunar eclipeses) (match planets to their orbits) (living in space) (a great place about space) (a fantastic site to learn about the solar system)  (constellation matching) (fun activities for home or school) (a fun way to learn the planets) (earth models move) (the Milky Way galaxy) (a cool look at what it might be like to be on Mars and a space station)

Weather-  (making snowflakes online) (how heavy are clouds?) (weather animated gifs) (animation showing water cycle) (water cycle) (water cycle activity page) (water cycle) (erosion pictures) (shows a river eroding a hill) (shows a geyser in action) (how hail is made) (how warm and cool air move during the day) (warm and cold fronts)

Matter- (very cool animation) (animated overview) (hangman vocabulary)  (animation showing particles of matter) (shows particles of matter) (fun experiment) (fun experiment) (activities) (millionaire game on matter) (quiz on matter) (Brain pop movie on matter) (Brain Pop movie on matter)

Magnets-  (magnet game)

Magnet uses- (magnet game) (Millionaire magnet game) (quiz)

Weathering and Erosion- (rock weathering video) (weathering and erosion video) (hangman game) (Jeopardy game) (multiple choice quiz)


Sound - (ear) (see how hearing works)  (play a piano online)


Light- (eye animation) (eye parts)  (shadows changing) (mirror game) (for parents to show experiments) (cool activities) (solve a mystery)


Staying Safe-

Scientists (put together an invention) (scientists from our textbook publisher) (play scientific games)  (super scientists site) (scientist puzzle to print out) (women scientists) (cool animation and sound about women scientists)

Electricity- (how it works) (safety) (electromagnet game) (millionaire game on electricity) (conductors) (video on atoms) (atoms moving) (game to make a circuit) (lots of games) (games) (safety) (lots of good places) (interactive) (Which uses electricity?) (picture shows ways to make electricity)

(animation shows coal powered plant) (animation show hydroelectric plant) (how a circuit works) (Ben Franklin's kite experiment) (word search) (hidden electrical dangers) (making safe electrical decisions)  (cool games of knowledge and fun) (shows how electricity is made) (full screen shows circuits)




Light- (good info.)

Forces-  (hangman game)

Sound - (musical instruments) (game on sounds) (click on sounds) (remember the melody) (play piano-make up your own tunes) (play piano by chords) (3 octave piano) (animation how ears work)


Simple machines- (quiz) (cool fun game) (a fun interactive game showing each machine)

Teeth- (teeth animations)

Hearing -  (see how hearing works) (games) (shows American Sign Language)

More science sites- (great bug site) (Powerpoints on science topics)  (science words) (words, meanings and pictures)  (5 senses) (fun, interactive games about inventions)   (Then click on "To see and do" and "Gallery" or "A place in time" for cool time lapse photography.)  (shows movies of how things are made on earth)                (a science experiment site)


To Top


Kinds of sentences- (interactive quiz on sentences)

Word and sentence order- (sentence order) (moving words to make sentences)


Synonyms- (synonyms)

Capitalizing and punctuation- (quiz on capitalization and punctuation)

Compounds-  (a matching game)

Alphabetizing- (alphabetizing)

Verbs- (interactive quiz on verbs) (verb game)

Adverbs- (adverb game)

Adjectives- (interactive quiz on adjectives) (games) (adjective game) (match the adjective to the noun game-fun) (choosing the adjective in sentences) (adjective quiz asking if they are before or after nouns)


Comparative adjectives- (a cool but advanced thinking game)

Rhyming-Poems (video clip) (rhyming words) (rhyming, alliteration, and rhythm)

Nouns and pronouns- (play basketball game)  (noun song) (noun game) (interactive quiz on nouns and pronouns)

Special days- (interactive quiz on capitalizing and punctuating)

Contractions- (game)

Antonyms- (opposite words) (match game)

 Describing in paragraphs- (lots of adverb activities)

How a book is made- (how a book is made)

Writing ideas- (gives ideas to write about)  (Click on Comic Creator to make a picture and write a story) (you type in words to make a silly story) (ideas for writing) (typing your own book)

Haiku-$112  (examples)



Computer- (proofreading) (game on new words) (border for printing with no lines) (computer words and puzzles) (Microsoft Word help) (Powerpoint help)

Stationary to print off-




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