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Kid links- many subjects- 


Memory Game - (getting along with others)

Art sites- (kaleidoscope) (spirograph) (face maker) (makes collages) (makes tesselations)'_page.htm (lots of 2nd grade links for school and fun) (matching game with piano music)  (news and fun)

Bird clip art for math picture graphs:

Click here for Clifford links.  (different things to learn)  (safe children's sites) (many subjects) (homework helpers) (many subjects) (cool problems for solving) (Yahtzee game) (Winnie the Pooh) (many kid links) (cool Smithsonian activities) (create your own music, pictures, etc.)  (cool art game) (fun facts about Presidents)  (Mrs. K. said 2nd graders like this.)  (U.S. map tells state and capitals) (search site made by librarians) (music and rhythm fun)  (brain teasers) (interactive educational activities)  (family games online) (games, activities, information)  (an internet safety adventure) (safety on the internet-very good activities)  (hundreds of links to different topics)  (many subjects and activities)  (cool sites) (guess what the pictures are)!/ a great place for many topics)  (a safe, South Dakota site with many topics) (a safe place with many topics)  (a fun site about musical instruments) 

( a great site with activities online-for 3rd grade, maybe 2nd grade)               

Clifford links: (not a Clifford place, but cool)


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