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October Sites (lots of fun games, coloring) (carve a pumpkin game) (hangman game with sound and animation) (bat games) (bat activities) (Which bats are different?) (cool games) (coloring)  (very cool learning games) (make weird animals from real animals) (reading and writing skills games)


Grandparents Day websites


POEMS:  Students fill in the blanks to complete sentences about their grandparents.

Grandmas and Grandpas
Grandmas and Grandpas are everything nice.
Like presents and candy and raspberry ice.
And chocolate fudge sundaes, with cherries on top.
And popcorn and peanuts and grape soda pop.
In winter or summer, in rain or in sun,
Grandmas and Grandpas are wonderful fun!

ACTIVITIES:  - Lots of links to different activities to do on Grandparents Day

Interview questions students could ask their grandparents:

1. Have school age children interview their grandparents. Should include the following in their interviews:
-Birth date
-Where did they grow up as children/teenagers/adults?
-Did they have both parents raising them?
-How many siblings?
-Did they have any pets?
-Who was their best friend as a youth/adult?
-Who was their favorite teacher?
-What is their favorite food?
-What did they do for fun as children/teenagers/adults?
-What scared them as a child/teenager/adult?
-What was their most embarrassing moment as a child?
-What was their funniest moment?
-What was their happiest moment?
-What was their saddest moment?
-What was their favorite music/group/band?
-What things do we have today that were not in existence when they were young?
-What was their first job?
-If they found a magic lamp w/a Genie granting 3 wishes what would they wish for?
Once the interview is over children) can post the Q & A on poster boards w/a picture of their grandparent's) and themselves. Or the questions can be put into a story form.

More interview questions:
Sample Questions for 'Interviewing' Your Grandparents
1. Where were you born? What year?
2. What are the names and birthdates of your brothers and sisters?
3. Did you have a pet when you were growing up?
4. Did you get an allowance?
5. Who was more strict, your mom or dad?
6. What were your favorite games and activities?
7. What chores were assigned to you?
8. What did your house look like? Is it still the same?
9. Did your house have electricity when you were young?
10. What traditions did your family have?
11. Did your family have big reunions?
12. Did you like school? What kinds of grades did you get?
13. What were your favorite subjects?
14. When you were a teenager, what time did you have to be home at night?
15. How old were you when you met grandma/grandpa?
16. How old were you when you got married?
17. What was your first job?
18. Tell me about my mom/dad when he/she was growing up.
19. What makes you proud of my mom/dad?
20. Have you accomplished what you wanted in life?
21. What do you think the President should do for the country now?
22. What advice would you like to give me?


Word Finds
Have the students find words related to Grandparents Day hidden in a puzzle.
Grandparents Day (grades 23) (PDF file) 
Grandparents Day Answer Key (grades 23) (PDF file)
Grandparents Day (grades 46) (PDF file) 
Grandparents Day Answer Key (grades 46) (PDF file)


1. Certified Appreciation
Students can show appreciation for a grandparent with a special certificate.
Grandparents Are Special  - another printable certificate

Valentine Sites-

Winter- (snowflakes) 



Christmas - (Grinch) (movies and sounds) (Santa ski jumping) (I want a hippopotamus for Christmas song) (animated storytelling of "T'was the Night Before Christmas) (Santa saving Christmas game)                                   (make a snowflake online) (draw using mouse and change settings) (matching game) (make music) (slide between trees) (pictures to print and color)  (word search)

Winter sites for kids - just scroll down for all kinds of winter things to do - (puzzle)

 Christmas Online Radio-


Thanksgiving Sites

Thanksgiving - (Over the River) (shows life of Pilgrims) (life of Pilgrims) (coloring pages) (Thanksgiving history pictures and narration) (write a story by filling in the blanks) (jokes) (clipart) (games) (follow the steps game)

September 5 - Labor Day

               11 - Grandparents Day

               22 - Autumn Begins


Easter Sites (Peter Cottontail story) (stories, poems, songs) (games) (story about a bunny on Easter Island) (click on the games section)

St. Patrick's Day Sites (Irish names) 

Spring Sites for fun- (Washington Pavilion film games)

Declam Sites


Earth Day Games (make your own pond) (concentration)  

Birds Are Back

        A duck walks into a convenient store and walks up the counter. The duck asks, "Got any grapes?" "No," said the puzzled store clerk. The duck smiles and walks out the door. A little while later the duck returns and asks, "Got any grapes?" The clerk replies, "No! Like I already told you 15 minutes ago, I don't have any grapes!" The duck smiles and walks out. A little while later the duck returns and again asks "Got any grapes?" The irate clerk yells, "No! We didn't have any, we don't have any, and were not going to have any. If you come back in here again I'll nail your webbed feet to the floor!" The duck smiles and walks out. Later the duck returns and asks the clerk "Got any nails?" The clerk says "NO!" The duck replies, "Good! Got any grapes?" -- from Dave Diehl, 6/19/1996

        Two vultures were in the desert eating a dead clown. The first vulture asks the second vulture: "Does this taste funny to you?" -- from Ken, 7/18/1996

        One fine day a chicken walked into a library and said BUCK (book), so the librarian gave the chicken a book. The next day the same chicken came back to the library and said BUCK BUCK, so the librarian gave him two books. The next day the same chicken came back to the library and said BUCK BUCK BUCK, so again the librarian gave him three books, but this time the librarian decided to follow him to see what a chicken wanted with three books. As he saw the chicken come to a stop at the edge of a pond, he saw the chicken pass all the books to a frog who while he was looking at them was saying, REDDIT,REDDIT, REDDIT -- from BJ BRAKE AND ROCKY MUISE, 11/11/1996

        A magician was performing on a cruise ship and each night while performing, his pet parrot kept saying "It's up his sleeve, it's in his pocket, it's in his shoe, it's in his pants," etc. and the magician was loosing his patience. One night while performing his tricks the ships boilers blew and the ship sank.  The lucky magician was able to grab onto a ship's table and float on the sea for a few days. The parrot in the mean time seemed puzzled and was looked quizzically at the magician for a few days while drifting. On the 4th day the parrots looked at his master and said, "I give up... what did you do with the ship?" -- from terence hopman, 11/27/1996

        Did you ever notice that when ducks migrate in their Vee formation, one side of the line is longer than the other? Know why that is? There's more ducks in it. -- from Charley, 12/8/1996

More bird jokes are found at


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