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Book Reports

1. Make a book jacket.
2. Prepare a one-page newspaper based on the book.
3. Make a diorama.
4. Do a pantomime or modern dance that tells part of the story.
5. Write a letter to the author, telling him how enjoyable his book was.
6. Dress up as a character from the book and dramatize a scene from it.
7. Create a “to tell the truth” panel.
8. Give an oral reading, with expression, of selections from the book.
9. Make a poster.
10. Pretend to b a salesman and “sell” the book.
11. Draw a picture illustrating part of the book.
12. Read a series of descriptive passages from the book.
13. Write a letter to a friend recommending the book.
14. Prepare a TV or radio broadcast of the story.
15. Write a business letter to a librarian stating why the book should be
16. Keep a diary for a character from the book.
17. Make a comic strip telling the story.
18. Write a ballad or folk song telling the story.
19. Make a puppet of the main character in the story.
20. Make a mobile showing scenes about the story.

Contributed by Leslie Anne Sacks