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About me-



Favorite foods pizza, turkey and roast beef dinners
Favorite sports basketball, tennis, baseball, running, canoeing, fishing, ping pong
Favorite tv shows Little House on the Prairie, The Waltons, SpongeBob Squarepants, 7th Heaven 
Favorite movies Toy Story, Dances with Wolves
Favorite animals dogs, snakes, birds
Favorite books Laura Ingalls Wilder Books, history and science books
Favorite subjects in school writing, science, computers, math
Best thing about teaching watching students learn a new idea, and learning new things from them
Favorite sites (a cool way of Millionaire) (search engine) (bingo maker) (many subjects) (all subjects) (writing in D'Nealian)


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Transportation-  (this is the best)


Life Cyles-  (frog pic)

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Animal Pictures- (videos)

Click on a teacher written story or poem to read:  Catfish     Night Train     My Favorite Halloween     Cricket in My Clothes       My Scrumptious Thanksgiving     The Stray Cat      Pennzoil Comes Through     Somewhere Over the Snowdrift      Wrong Way     Winter Alphabet     Walking Through Winter Memories      A Halloween Mystery   (you finish the story)      Volleyball Matchmaker

     My home town is Red Wing, MN. It is a town that is built next to the Mississippi River and next to bluffs.

Using the river was an important part of life.  There was fishing, canoeing, sailing, boating, and water skiing.  The tugboats would push huge barges that carried grain or other things to other cities.  They made great rolling swells in the river and large waves along the shorelines.


In the winter, there was ice fishing, skating, skiing, and sliding on the great hills.           


Red Wing is famous for shoes and pottery.                          

Some special places for me were the library, Sunnyside Elementary School, Colville Park, the Mississippi River, and the bluffs to climb.


A view from a great bluff.

 I attended  Luther College in Iowa and Bemidji State in Minnesota.


Catfish         (Top) 

I finally caught a catfish

It was a pretty sight                    

The roast beef fat was perfect

It really made him bite

He pulled and ran for minutes

Making waves with every run

But then the line was quiet

I thought that he was done

He swam around a sapling

And snapped the fishing line

So all I had were memories

That's cool - they all were mine


Night Train       (Top)

Last night a rumble broke the night

Was heard from far away

A little boy who's heavy head

Rose up from to sleep to say,

"What's that, I wonder, could it be

A thunderstorm tonight?"

"No child, it's not- it's clear this eve

The stars are very bright."

Time went by- a minute or two

A howling whistle blew

The little boy again did say,

"Dad, listen, for this clue!"

"You're right young lad.

It's on the tracks

Way out and miles away.

It sounds alive - let's listen close

What does it seem to say?"

"It's kind of lonely, isn't it?

But kind of pretty, too.

Hey, Dad, when morning comes again

Let's find that night CHOO, CHOO."


My Favorite Halloween       (Top)

(Sing to the tune of  "My Favorite Things"  from The Sound of Music.)

Pumpkins on doorsteps and black cats on branches

Witches in windows and dogs howling at yas


Children all dressed in their ghostly array

These are the things that will make a fun day!


Candy is good if you hit the right places

Don't go to ones that have big scary faces


Everyone carry a glow or a light

These are the things that will make a safe night!


When the owl hoots

When the cat screams

When the bat swoops low


We simply remember our "Trick or Treat" call

And then we get set to go!


Cricket in My Clothes       (Top)

I saw a cricket on my jeans

So small and still and sweet

For days I've wondered why he's there

It's clothes he likes to eat

I shook my jeans - he didn't move

But clung like super glue

I aimed my finger to flick him off

And did so  -  hard and true

I didn't see where he had flown

I don't think it got hurt

But then I saw a centipede

Crawl out of my blue shirt!


My Scrumptious Thanksgiving       (Top)

Apples, peaches, pumpkin pie

Mashed potatoes make me sigh

Turkey, dressing, gravy hot

Dinner's done so thanks a lot!

Don't forget, there might be more

Open up that kitchen door

Get me milk as cold as ice

Milk with sugar on my rice

Sweet potatoes, marshmallow top

Corn and pickles never stop

Buttered buns and cranberry stuff

Never have I had enough

After supper we lay down

Rumbling tummies, fat and round

Feels so good that we must say

Had a happy Thanksgiving Day!


The Stray Cat       (Top)

A yowling thing outside our door

Created quite a stir

We looked out front to see a cat

With short gray stripes of  fur

"He must be hungry," so I said

To my pretty wife

His tabby tail hung quite low

A sign of a sickly life

Some cheese may help relieve this cat

He's thin and not too well

The cheese went down-he looked for more

There's a little more to tell -

We tried to lead him close to us

And bring him in the porch

To show how friendly we could be

But his eyes were like a torch!

The fear of closed in places now

Had made this cat go crazy

It scurried 'cross linoleum

Like a cheetah through the daisies

It's sure we need to get him out

He's on the window ledge

That's not the best place naturally

He's really on the edge!

Away he flew and clutched a shelf

Where books and knick-knacks lay

That's it, get out, you've got to go

If you break things, you can't pay!


Pennzoil Comes Through       (Top)

(To the tune of "The Green Berets")

A hundred thousand miles it's gone

And all these miles I've not done wrong

When my dad said, "Buy the best.

Get Pennzoil - it's ahead of the rest."


Every three months or before

I change the oil - I won't ignore

All the servicemen can tell

That Pennzoil's really very swell


At the icebox of our land

Minus thirty-four would freeze your hand

Our family drove upon that road

Safely home on a Pennzoil load


On summer days at a hundred five

Vacation called so we made the drive

The summer scorched we thought we'd boil

But not so friends, we had Pennzoil


Canoeing is our family fun

We packed the car - to the woods we run

Trusty car - it gets us there

With Pennzoil - no engine wear


Meals-on-Wheels would be a mess

If we drove with something less

All the starts and stops again

The engine's cool because of Penn.


Somewhere Over the Snowdrift       (Top)

(To the tune of "Somewhere Over the Rainbow")

Somewhere over the snowdrift

I fell down

No one saw that I did this

They thought I went to town


Somewhere under the snowdrift

Where I lay

There will be a strange dry spot

Hope they find me someday


Refrain:    The twinkling stars were shining bright

My limbs were freezing off that night

Who knows I'm freezing?


They found me lying 'neath the snow

And talked about how I should go

They all were sneezing


Wrong Way       (Top)

He was minding his business

Just eating a nut

When along came a cat

Looked like Jabba the Hut

           The cat was a tabby

            All gray-striped and black

            And it stalked this poor squirrel

            From the street 'twould attack

                        Far to the left

                       Stood a tree for one goal

                        Close to his right

                        Stood a power line pole

                                    The cat stopped his moving

                                    For fear his prey's thinking

                                    To climb up for safety

                                    Neither was blinking

                                                Then all of a sudden

                                                 The squirrel ran to kitty

                                                Straight at him, I say,

                                                 No fear  - not one bitty

                                                            Into the claws

                                                           All stabbing and flashing

                                                            "Oops!  The wrong way

                                                            "Tis retreat I'll be dashing!"

                                                                        Right up to the tree

                                                                        With the cat close on ground

                                                                         The squirrel is now safe

                                                                        Quite safe and quite sound

The episode happened

We saw it today

And the lesson we've learned

Is please choose the right way!


Winter Alphabet       (Top)

A... B... C... D...E...F...G...

I slipped on the ice and broke my knee


The snow's in my eyes and I really can't see


Winter's a mess


It's too cold more me


Warm clothes protects

Y...and Z...

Now I've told the ABC's

Won't winter go and spring come, please?






A Halloween Mystery

       One early morning, when it was still dark, a young girl was sleeping in her bedroom.  Suddenly there was  loud noise outside of her window.  It woke her and it made her jump like she had just touched an electric fence.

    She popped out of bed like a slice of toast from a toaster and looked out her window.  What a surprise she saw! 

    There were five large, orange pumpkins that were smashed on the grass!

    "Who did that?" she wondered.  "Why did they do that?" she thought.

    She ran down the hallway to her parents' bedroom and told them what had happened.

    Her dad said, "Don't worry, April, it's just the giants playing marbles with pumpkins again.  Sometimes a few drop from their table that they play on and land on earth.  Go back to sleep."

    April couldn't believe her ears!  How was she supposed to go to sleep now?     

    She went back to her room, but stared through the window, waiting for the giants to come back and clean up their mess.  Five minutes went by.  It seemed like twenty.  Ten minutes went by.  It seemed like an hour. 

    "No sign of giants!" she sighed in frustration.

    She began to get sleepy, so she went to bed with "one eye open" and both ears listening.  Just as she faded off into sleep, a tremendous boom like thunder woke her her up.  She flew to the window and...

Finish the story. 

(Top) ("Matchmaker, Matchmaker" music)

Volleyball Matchmaker

Matchmaker, Matchmaker

Find us a match,

Make us the team,

That no one can catch

Matchmaker, Matchmaker

Look at our team

And give us a perfect match

Matchmaker, Matchmaker

We’ll bring the skills

You bring the prey

We’ll make the kills

Bring us the trophy we’re longing to keep

And help us to dig and leap

For we are talented ladies

Who don’t know when to quit or to rest

We kill, block, dig, and score many points

No matter how ugly the going gets

Matchmaker, Matchmaker

Take us to state

Safely and fine

Give us first rate

Make all the other teams shake in their shoes

For we have all worked

We‘ve paid our dues

We will go forth,

We won’t even rest

Until we have reached the best


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